Whitefish Community Garden (5)

Date Posted:
Jun 25, 2023, 03:01 AM

On my second-to-last day I arrived to a beautiful sunset over the wonderful Whitefish Community Garden. In addition to its many flourishing plantings, including a number of plots for the local food bank and a lovely little orchard, there are two delightful pollinator gardens here. After my very first attempt at a way station here at this garden in 2020, someone took up the cause and planted (or transplanted) many showy milkweed in this location. The milkweed was thriving and blooming along with many other pollinator-friendly plants, including cosmos and native yarrow. This was an excellent day on a journey that has been fraught with long, dry, windy climbs, mechanical issues, and getting lost.

Another perk of today's trip getting to record with Girasol, who came up with the perfect rhythm guitar part for this perfect little pollinator patch. Tomorrow I will visit three Waystations in the Flathead Valley that I have not checked on since 2020, then I will arrive at my final destination-- a waystation at my friends' organic cafe in Bigfork called Max's Market. ¬°El caracol avanza!