Date Posted:
Oct 01, 2023, 01:58 PM

A short ride to Ashland gave us time to work at the library and hit the hot springs (a small miracle for our biker bodies). At night, we visited with Zach, a long-time friend and thoroughly inspiring musician/human being. He’s currently living on a farm apprenticing with a grower of the sacred South American cactus San Pedro. We camped out in a greenhouse full of them. Ursa and I were enlivened to get a window into his off-grid life in Ashland and to hear about his latest adventures. On our way out, we left him some milkweed seeds to plant in his garden. Give a listen to the audio: it's Zach singing an original milkweed tune as he's sowing the seeds. Beautiful. Thanks for hosting us, Zach!

-Ale and Ursa