Natural Bridges

Date Posted:
Oct 22, 2022, 10:30 PM
Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges is one of the largest monarch overwintering sites in the entire Central Coast. It was here that I had the idea to do this migratory cycling/music trip in the first place. Now, two years and ten thousand milkweed seeds later, we’ve made it after our autumnal journey.

Upon arriving, I found a small crowd of people watching the monarchs among the Eucalyptus trees. The sun had just come out behind a cloud, which animated the monarchs to flight. Most everyone kept quiet — almost as if they were trying to match the near silence of the monarchs’ wings flapping. No milkweed planting here. The monarchs only need nectar, a good water source, and protection from the cold and wind during the winter.

I just sat for a while watching and listening. I felt gratitude for having been able to complete this journey and for getting a glimpse into the perspective of a migrating monarch — through being physiologically transformed by a month of non-stop pedaling, through being psychically morphed by the route’s landscapes and soundscapes. Monarchs are icons of transformation due to their incredible life cycle – from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Now it’s time for me to be an overwintering butterfly. Es hora para descansar, monarcas!

Thanks for following along, friends. Until next time!

<3 Alejandro Botijo