Date Posted:
Sep 05, 2020, 04:02 AM

Showy Milkweed (asclepias speciosa) is going to be a big player in this project as it’s a type of milkweed that’s native to all the ecoregions I’ll be passing through. I got these local seeds (feathers and all!) from two locals: Jessica from Spokane Friends of the Monarchs and Diane, from Desert Jewels Nursery. Jessica and I met at Riverside Park in front of the enormous purple butterfly statue. She told me some great milkweed stories including one where someone in her apartment unintentionally leveled all her milkweed only for it to grow right back due to its strong root system! Not only did she start a monarch/milkweed organization in Spokane but she’s also a fellow cyclist and a transportation policy advocate. Check her work out at Spokane Friends of the Monarchs.

Some of the seeds I gave to the very wonderful people whose backyard I camped in: John and Alix. They’d like to start a monarch waystation in their yard so I sent these seeds off to them with some music (click 'listen' above). Alix had some really exciting ideas about ways of getting local high schools involved with MWS. I’m glad this is a multi-year project so we can plan it out for next spring or fall. What a great first day!