Date Posted:
Sep 11, 2020, 11:58 PM

Hopefully the hubcap is a clear enough marker for someone who might want to look after this waystation in the spring. Location: right by Willow Creek and the Morrow County Courthouse (which provided the clock tower bell sample in the music).

Since taking this photo at 7am, the town of Heppner has been shrouded by a thick layer of smoke from the many wildfires that have sprung up with all this heat and dry weather. I encountered the same in Pasco when I woke up to my tent being covered in ash. Upon biking into town, I found out that I was cycling through 600+ AQI.

The fire/smoke map throughout most of Oregon and Northern California looks absolutely dismal too and all this considered, I've decided to postpone my cycling trip until the next migratory season. Perhaps I'll do some of the trek from Santa Cruz in the spring and the entire route next fall, climate change permitting.

For now, I'm grateful to be safe - a very kind local by the name of Alvin is letting me stay in his extra guest room and will be giving me a ride to Bend where I'm taking an Amtrak back home. My thoughts and prayers are with the people and critters suffering from these historic fires. Buena suerte con la migraciĆ³n, monarcas, y nos vemos en Santa Cruz!