Whitefish Community Garden (3)

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Sep 18, 2022, 06:03 PM
Whitefish Community Garden (3)

After a long Amtrak ride, I make it to Whitefish, Montana for day 1 of the trip!

Fellow monarch collaborator, Comrade Caracol (aka Erik Miron) met me at the station and joined for part of the day. He brought some fresh plums, a can of bear spray, and some Montana native milkweed starts. Gracias, Comrade!

We planted milkweed at the Whitefish community garden and sent the seeds off with some guitar harmonics. In collaboration with the owner of the garden, Comrade planted milkweed seeds in this pollinator patch last year. The owner even commemorated the planting with a Monarch Waystation Soundmap plaque. We found several showy milkweed flourishing among the other native wildflowers: arrowleaf balsam root, prairie coneflower, alpine daisies. Great!


Alejandro Botijo and Comrade Caracol

showy milkweed starts

Fresh off the Amtrak, Blanca is ready to ride!