Forty Mile Road

Date Posted:
Oct 13, 2023, 08:31 PM
Forty Mile Road

A great congregation of migratory birds stopped me in my tracks. The V shape of their flight over this rice field was like an arrow pointing: “plant here!” So I created a rock triangle and planted a narrow-leaf along with some wildflower seeds.

Upon researching it later, I find out that Central Valley rice fields are an important "surrogate" wetland habitat for approximately seven million ducks and geese migrating along the Pacific Flyway each year. With the extensive loss of about 95% of the native wetlands in the Central Valley, riceland has become essential for these birds ( The rice fields are good news for the monarchs too who love migrating along waterlines. Just as long as pesticides are out of the picture, I like rice as a crop that works for both humans and wildlife. I think this waystation is going to be promising.