Walstad Park

Date Posted:
Sep 12, 2020, 04:06 AM
Walstad Park

Walstad Park is part of a project called “Green Ribbon Buffer Strips”— agriculture and development around Flathead Lake have caused fertilizers, pesticides, and many other pollutants to enter Flathead Lake, often via runoff from rain and snow. By planting native trees and perennial shrubs (instead of grass) in yards and parks, buffers can be created in which deep plant roots absorb the pollutants before they can enter the lake. This is important, because the water quality and oxygen levels in the lake continue to drop with increasing human population in the region.

There were about a dozen showy milkweed plants here, although it’s uncertain whether or not they were planted as part of the buffer project. They seemed to be somewhat crowded out by invasive grasses… unlike the swan lake site, there was no sign of little offshoots growing from runner roots. Played some music for the plants, hopefully it will help them grow.

-Comrade Caracol