Dakenas Road (2)

Date Posted:
Jun 18, 2023, 08:52 PM

No sign of milk weed here, and did not really see much on the ride from Ritzville either. It is so interesting that some areas have tons of milkweed, and some areas have almost none. You will see it growing abundantly near irrigation ditches, but then you will also see a big happy plant in the middle of an area that is bone-dry. Even knowing the general preferences and ideal growing conditions for the plant, I still haven't been able to discern a pattern of where and why milkweed wants to grow.

I saw no sign of the plants at this site, but I sowed more seeds near a signpost. There were many other wildflowers along this route, so perhaps the milkweed will sprout next year and monarchs will find their way to this lonely corner of an empty road