Date Posted:
Oct 01, 2022, 08:50 PM

The Cowiche Canyon Conservancy (a non-profit land trust) put on a special MWS event during my time in Tieton. Called “Pedaling for Pollinators,” it was absolutely one of the highlights of my trip so far — I played a set of originals in the town’s main square followed by a group seed planting at the edge of a nearby creek. After planting the seeds, we all sang a melody I wrote especially for the event. The first and second stanzas are from the perspective of a human and monarch butterfly, respectively. Entitled “Round We Fly."

Here in Tieton, I got to meet several really cool people including Ed the entomologist who gave me some expert pollinator intel (monarch caterpillars actual like partial shade rather than the full sun that the milkweed ostensibly like), Ed the city councilman who helped pick our planting spot, Sandra the woman of the tao and fellow monarch advocate, Butch the owner of a secret hostel with underground tunnels — and not least, Celisa Hopkins and Cy Philbrick, two inspiring environmentalists who organized the event and who are doing great work at the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy. Great to meet you all!