Carlton (2)

Date Posted:
Sep 23, 2023, 12:18 AM
Carlton (2)


Here we are sending a few seeds off at Carlo and Julian winery, my uncle Felix’s vineyard. He’s dedicating a whole section of his permaculture garden to milkweed and other pollinator plants. Gracias Felix!

For this improv, I let the haromonics of Felix's cello take the reins. Harmonics are the hidden, secret notes embedded within musical pitches. They have a ghostly, austere quality on the cello. A counterpoint to Ursa's sweet vocals.


We took a rest day to hang with Ale’s family here in the Willamette Valley. A stay with his cousin James and fiancé Ashley and a lunch at Felix’s vineyard. I eat as many figs as I can find, and cuddle with his cats.

In the evening, we spend time with Ale’s sweet niece, Freedom. She’s ten. We do some leaf painting together with my watercolors, and chat with Ale’s aunt Annette and Freedom’s grandmother, Maria. Maria sends us off with homemade apple butter and dried pears.