Highway 97 (2)

Date Posted:
Sep 18, 2023, 05:55 PM
Highway 97 (2)

Visited Comrade’s stop off the 97. This milkweed patch looked great! I sowed seeds and recorded a vigorous rustle of shrubs and trees — a sonic artifact of the nonstop headwind we’ve gotten today. I spliced the wind to give it a propulsive drive that reflects this feeling.

While I was off planting, Ursa documented a butterfly that was fluttering around our bikes. Celisa told us about them: Coronis fritillary — also called “mini monarchs.” They migrate up into the Cascade mountains in the summer and come down to the shrub-steppe around this time of year. They lay their eggs on sage brush skeletons in the fall and then die — and the eggs lay dormant through the winter. When the sage violets come back in the spring, the larvae emerge.

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