Bigfork Community Garden

Date Posted:
Jun 26, 2023, 05:00 AM

One final bonus planting at the Bigfork Community Garden, where I have reserved a patch and let it go wild with clover, pansies, and strawberries. I also transplanted some milkweed seedlings here last year and, they are struggling valiantly to compete with the forest of clover and strawberries. I sewed some more seeds along the margins of this bed and recorded one final trumpet improvisation. I also cut back some of the clover and strawberries to give the milkweed a bit more of a chance. Hopefully this bed will eventually find a balance between milkweed, clover, strawberry, and other feasts for pollinators (and people). I will also return here in the fall and try to show milk weed and other parts of the garden. That's all for this journey, except for one more entry at my grandmother's garden, where milkweed I sowed from seed 3 years ago will hopefully bloom for the 1st time this summer