Whitefish Community Garden

Date Posted:
Sep 21, 2020, 06:59 PM
Whitefish Community Garden

Made it to the Whitefish Community Garden, a beautiful project that over the past 10 years has slowly turned an old turf lawn into a thriving community space with individual plots, an orchard, and a large area where healthy produce is grown for the local food bank. One of the founders Sandie spent the afternoon giving a tour of the garden and helping find a good place to plant the milkweed seeds. We found an unused corner of the orchard area and got to work…it felt especially good to dig up the old turf, replacing useless, non-native ornamental grass with a little Showy Milkweed plot. What if everyone removed a few square feet of their lawn and made a monarch waystation?

Sandie promised to look after the new milkweed area— since the whole garden is impeccable, I think the seeds are in good hands. Also gave extra seeds to some other gardeners who were interested in planting them at home. Hopefully in future springs and summers this corner of the garden will host a nice little patch of milkweed for monarchs and other helpful pollinators!

-Comrade Caracol