The Old 99

Date Posted:
Oct 15, 2022, 05:27 PM
The Old 99

When planting a milkweed seed, environmentalist Mike Hiler says “remember, you are not starting a plant, you are starting a root system.”

In Spanish, root is “raíz,” which comes from the latin “radix.” “Radix” is also the origin of the word “radical.” So planting milkweed is a radical act — in the root sense, in the political sense, and in the “rad” sense (especially now that we’re in California).

Found a spot on the Old 99 for a planting — an extension of several milkweed patches I’ve noticed on this road. Starting to use my California native seeds sent to me by monarch co-conspirator, Lydia Barrett. She sent me a beautiful original piece of artwork too (see below). What a wonderful thing to receive. Thanks Lydia! <3