Max's Market (2)

Date Posted:
Jun 26, 2023, 04:16 AM

After 15 days and over 750 miles I finally roll into Max's Market, a second home of sorts where I often spend time gardening, making music, reading, and eating delicious food. Owners and dear friends Chris & Jenny have prepared a vegan feast to counterbalance the carne asada burritos that propelled me through Central Washington, and a champagne toast to counterbalance my teetotaler existence on the road. Amidst the festivities I managed to record a brief fingerstyle banjo improvisation for a small patch of milkweed I sowed last year. I was pleased to see that several plants had survived the winter and were doing well-- hopefully next year they will flower! I sowed a few more seeds, and will be back in the fall to carve out a few more pollinator patches.


[´╗┐postscript: I just unearthed a Monarch Waystation Soundmap recording I made for this location when I planted the milkweed seedlings on June 22, 2022-- almost exactly one year ago!]