Siskiyou Pass (2)

Date Posted:
Oct 01, 2023, 08:04 PM
Siskiyou Pass (2)

We ascend to the Siskiyou Pass and stop at the blustery overlook for lunch and a waystation. Great news: several milkweed plants were on the slope where I sowed seeds last year!

For the sounds, I converted my guitar into an aeolian harp by positioning it perpendicular to the direction of the wind and letting the strings resound. The wind spoke in subtle ghostly sustained notes.

Afterward, we attempted to dodge the I-5 highway by taking a windy road down to Yreka. After a mile or so, we come up to a gate and a sign that says “No Trespassing.” We give it a go anyway… bad choice. Within 30 seconds a burley dog comes bolting after us. We outpace the dog only to find yet another gate with sign that says “beware of dog.” At that point we resign to the fact that we might have to take the 5 after all.

After a not-so-pleasant 15 miles on the interstate, we were rewarded with a wonderfully scenic road peppered with milkweed plants that led us to Yreka. Made it to our third and final state: California!

-Ale and Ursa