Pine Street Woods

Date Posted:
Sep 23, 2022, 05:09 PM
Pine Street Woods

At Sandpoint, I met two wonderful monarch collaborators: Judy and Steve York. They helped me find a great waystation spot in Pine St. Woods, a ‘community forest’ run by the Kaniksu Land Trust. I spoke with the land trust about the MWS project — they were supportive and even suggested a more formal collaboration in the future. Great!

In an open meadow, we stumbled upon a burn site whose soil looked very fertile, especially with yesterday’s rain. We planted the seeds and did a group listening activity that culminated in the following prompt: “Pick a sound — the wind against the leaves or a cricket or a bird — and zoom into the perspective of that sound, really using our imagination to activate that sound in our minds.” The idea is to practice our ability to incorporate our imaginations in the practice of listening. In this case, we’re imagining the subjectivity of the sound source. The website visitor might try that same prompt as they listen to the guided field recording...