Whitefish Community Garden 2

Date Posted:
Oct 23, 2021, 03:48 AM
Whitefish Community Garden 2

A return visit to the Whitefish Community Garden— on the first visit here last year, all I had was a non-native variety of milkweed, which did not germinate. This fall, Sandie (one of the longtime gardeners) invited me to return and plant again. Thanks to Maggie from MPG Ranch, I now have local showy milkweed (A. Speciosa) which will hopefully do better in this area. There is a new pollinator patch near where the old milkweed was planted (and also a very cool pollinator habitat for native bees); I will try and get in touch with the person tending it so they can water the milkweed in the spring, and with luck I will return in May to serenade the seedlings!