Leibrandt Avenue

Date Posted:
Dec 13, 2020, 07:38 PM
Leibrandt Avenue

My landlord gave me permission to set up a little pollinator triangle in this unused piece of land next to the apartment. A neighbor gave me some pallets that I took apart and used for the borders. Pretty cool, right?

The Xerces Society recommends not to plant milkweed within 5-10 miles from monarch overwintering grounds as "planting milkweed too close to overwintering sites may interfere with monarch migration and overwintering behavior" (source). Considering how close I live to Natural Bridges, I focused on native wildflowers for this waystation. This will provide a nectar source for overwintering adult monarchs.

In this recording, I'm playing alto flute in the rain for 10 minutes. I let the rain take the foreground of this piece and just played simple drones and whistle tones. Wrote a poem about the rain this morning too:

Rain as Force

Rain, it just started. 6:30AM.

(Only) the second rain of the season.

What does it mean?

The wild-source wins without reason.

The sky effortlessly does it.

Rain as effortless force.

Greater than 1000 helicopters dropping water,

Animates the ground.