Mt. Shasta (2)

Date Posted:
Oct 03, 2023, 12:02 AM
Mt. Shasta (2)

For this waystation’s field recording, I pointed my electromagnetic sensors in the direction of Mt. Shasta. I heard nothing until cranking the input to 10. When I did, there surfaced a faint, sustained tone — not a wavelength that an electronic device or wifi signal would make. No, this was the signal of something that had a great constancy to it. The source must have been coming right from Mt. Shasta because when I pointed the sensors away from the peak, the signal disappeared…

Mt. Shasta has a long history of the paranormal and the metaphysical. Many cults, religions, and monasteries have located here due to the special energy of this place. One well-known belief that has been incorporated into some of these religions says that somewhere in the depths of the mountain, there exists an ancient subterranean city by the name of Telos, the “City of Light.” Upon some investigation, Ursa and I came to find that the inhabitants of this city, the Lemurians, create light by using “a stone with a high crystalline content, which is fused with electromagnetic energy” ( Could this be what my electromagnetic sensors picked up?! Take a listen and decide for yourself…

What a great stay in Mt. Shasta. We spent this night at an elaborately decorated Victorian house with a cat named Cali and met some really cool people at the farmer’s market, including Sue Constant from the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center. Her organization has advocated for this mountain ecosystem for years. For example, they recently spearheaded a successful campaign to keeping Nestle from exploiting the water sources in the area. The organization has also started a monarch and pollinator program. Hope to collaborate with them in the future. Till the next time, Mt. Shasta!

-Ale and Ursa

Ps. Beautiful watercolor by Ursa