Brannan Island (2)

Date Posted:
Oct 14, 2023, 09:23 PM
Brannan Island (2)

In Sacramento, I stayed with some fellow cyclists from Warm Showers: Fay and Rob. We exchanged bike adventure stories over a great home-cooked meal. Then Rob generously created a whole GPS-enabled map for my route the next day — he knew about all the good low-traffic agricultural roads. Great!

My ride out of Sac had a few snags though: got two flats and ran out of patches. I make it to a bike shop, get some patches, and start repairing my tube. I’m minding my own business when a police officer decides to harass me saying in a hostile tone that I “had to get out” of the area. I quickly fixed my tire and rode away, but an unsettling feeling stayed with me.

On the upswing, there was a lot of new growth around this waystation! I couldn’t even get to the exact place where I planted last year with all the new shrubs so I chose a roadside incline to plant my last narrow-leaf. Just a few days away from the overwintering grounds. Santa Cruz, here we come!