Chico (2)

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Oct 12, 2023, 06:28 PM
Chico (2)

Found a great spot in Chico: Floral Native Nursery. Here, I stocked up on wildflower seed mixes and got showy and narrow-leaf plants to add to my rear rack. I gifted some to the CSU Chico compost garden and kept the rest for the next few waystations. I tuned my guitar to the neaby greenhouse fan and, in the spirit of this place, played my setting of Morton Marcus’ poem, "Compost Heap":

Above the bin of grapefruit rinds and collapsed oranges,

above the coffee grounds muddying the carrots,

the egg shells cutting lettuce leaves and onions,

above the grey beef bones and snowy hills of mold,

the bearded fly chants their hymns.