Lupfer Road

Date Posted:
Sep 18, 2022, 10:28 PM
Lupfer Road

Next planting spot: a roadside off the railroad. We created a triangular rock garden for the milkweed and wildflower seeds and played a slide guitar lullaby to celebrate the new waystation. Included in the rock garden: a few corroded railroad ties we found – likely relics of the original Northern Pacific Railroad, built by Chinese immigrants under backbreaking and dangerous labor conditions (many died in explosions and landslides).

After our performance, Erik heard a faint distant train whistle bouncing from the mountains. We stopped in our tracks and just listened. Fifteen minutes later the freight train roars by. The milkweed will be sprouting to the rhythm of this train come spring. Good luck, seedlings!

A corroded railroad tie that helped form part of our pollinator triangle.